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Maintaining tooth structure and function are the factors leading to use of gold alloy as a restorative material. Gold can be an ideal choice for posterior (back teeth) bite areas. Gold has long been known to out-perform and out-last other dental materials for molar tooth restorations. This is especially true for patients with excessively strong bite (occlusion). Gold alloys can be cast and fit to precise tolerances to match the form and function of the original tooth. Surfaces can take a high polish, inhibiting plaque formation and helping reduce abrasion to the opposing teeth.

Gold alloy restorations wear like natural tooth material. Over time, their fit and function can actually improve. Because golds coefficient of expansion is closer to that of natural tooth material, restorations stay intact despite the wide swings in oral temperatures caused by foods and beverages.

Perhaps most important, gold alloys have the strength to maintain their integrity and functional occlusion for decades. Even thin sheets can save parts of a tooth that might otherwise chip and break and need to be removed.

The proper use of gold alloy underscores our commitment to the long-term health of our patients and demonstrates that quality of our dentistry is matched by the quality of the materials used.

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