CS 3600 Scanner

CS 3600 Scanner Image

New Digital Scan Technology

The CS 3600 intra-oral scanner completely transforms the process of creating a dental impression. What you will now experience is a much more comfortable, digital impression process. The scanner is a small, handheld device that is very easy to maneuver in a pa ent’s mouth, making even hard- to-reach areas very accessible. What’s produced are high-definition, full color 2D and 3D images — and within seconds of completing the scanning process—an HD 3D digital impression. This 3D model will make it easy for you to understand the direct on and goals of your treatment plan.

Highlights and benefits of the CS 3600 intra-oral scanner include:

  • High-resolution images — Dr. Keiper can see your teeth with unprecedented detail.
  • Improved comfort and satisfaction — You will be more comfortable during the process of making an impression; you will also quickly understand Dr. Keiper‘s treatment process from your HD 3D digital model.

We are here to provide you with remarkable care at every appointment. If you have any questions regarding the technologies we use in our dental practice, please contact us. We will be happy to answer each and every question.

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